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Omega Trans

repatriation of human remains

our contacts:


skype: omegatrans_cis​​

phones 24/7 (English speaking):


address: Sukharevsky M. Per., 9/1 – 36, Moscow, Russia, 127051 

  • repatriation of mortal remains (from the spot of the death to the assigned destination)

  • preparation of the body (embalming, clothing etc.)

  • obtaining, translation and appropriate legalization of every document which is necessary to transport the deceased abroad and in Russia

  • collecting deceased’s from an airport and take him/her to a morgue (or local funeral director) or another city

  • arranging any kind of transportation (air, ground transportation (railway, car and catafalque)

our service

Our special representatives and local agents in every city of Russia (starting from Kaliningrad and finishing by Anadyr), CIS (Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Armenia, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan), EU (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), China and Mongolia

Direct agreements with Moscow airports and airport of St. Petersburg and with airlines

Highly experienced agents who are very much aware of every nuances of repatriation process

We have experience of repatriation of the deceased (one of expedition team) from uninhabited territory of Northern Russia, Sakhalin island and The Kuril Islands


We also took part in repatriation of murdered in Domodedovo terr-act winter 2011; we arranged repatriations of climbers from Tajikistan mountains (Pamirs) using helicopters and special team to take body from gorge; in March 2014 we repatriated one of the UN employee from Mongolia to Ghana; and also were involved in repatriation of french citizens after plane crash in Vnukovo airport 2014

In may 2016 we arranged repatriation of 20 deceased after crash of Flydubai plane FZ981 in Rostov-on-Don city

Our prices are very competitive. We work with many European International Funeral Homes and with every Russian, Ukrainian assistance company. We are their main provider of repatriation of mortal remains from Russia and post USSR territory. We work by Letter of Guarantee


If You have any questions or need additional information please do not hesitate to contact us


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